Hands-on experiences

Wayne Pittman CPA, CMA

A professional management Accountant with 20 years of experience in being buried in emails, working late into the night, wasting time in meetings, and working with hundreds of struggling coworkers in the same boat.

Wearing multiple hats?

Every year, it seemed, jobs began to meld together into a mishmash that no longer matched the titles on people’s business cards.

In his own departments, they found that he and his teams were no longer just the finance team.  They were also becoming administration, reception, human resources, and anything else that landed on their laps through the flurry of corporate changes.

Facing too many inputs and not enough good habits, Wayne needed to find a better way and began to try everything in order to get the workload and his anxiety levels under control.  Some systems worked for a time and others had pieces that worked, and finally, Wayne found a system that worked… pretty well.  

Then, in 2018, Wayne discovered he was bored with the finance function and attempted to move into more generalized management by making a serious bid for a site lead position with his company.  Yada yada, he didn’t get the role and ended up being made redundant in the process.  

Highly skilled in team-building, cost accounting and a master of Excel, Wayne was a middle manager who decided to change his trajectory.  Tired of being an accountant he wanted to try his hand at building a company that offers something of life-altering value to his clients and thus Wayne Pittman Consulting was born.